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A Charleston Wedding…

A Charleston Wedding…


Wedding season is on the horizon in Charleston. You may be getting ready to walk down the aisle or recently engaged, both incredibly special stages on your way to wedded bliss. A time of love, elation….and planning!

We at Occasions Guide know how exciting it is to plan your special day, and how overwhelming it can be at the same time. We are here to assist you with our carefully curated guide containing the best venues, caterers, floral arrangers, bands…anything you can think of for your special day.

Whether you’re a born organizer, or it’s “just not your thing,” keeping track of details for any gathering ensures a less stressful road. On our website in our Tools and Tips sections find the Plan Your Party link where you can find free planners to keep yourself organized and on track.

Wedding Planning Charleston

Next visit our Start Planning page where you will find sections such as:

The PlaceFind the perfect location for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, bachelor/bachlorette and after parties.

Party EntertainmentThe most exciting bands, DJs and artists are found here.

The TasteThe creme de la creme of caterers and food ideas are listed here.

Rentals, Floral and DesignFor flawless floral arrangements and decor as well as tent rental venues and fabulous balloon decorations look here.

The Memory How will you immortalize your special day? Visit this section for photographers, videographers, and photo booth rentals.

The LookFind the place to make you look and feel gorgeous for your special day.

The RideArrive in style with the many choices and ideas found here.

Gifts, Jewelry and InvitesGift registry, party favors, as well as gorgeous invitation are found here.

Activities and Things to doVisit here so you and your guests enjoy Charleston to the fullest!

Professionals, Planners, Spa & GuestsPamper yourself and your guests with the best spas and planners in town.

We have you covered! Being organized and having all the resources at your fingertips ensures an enjoyable and exciting wedding planning experience.

Happy Planning!

Wedding Planning Charleston