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Swank Desserts

SWANK DESSERTS is a specialty online dessert shop, based in Charleston, SC, that caters to the taste buds of dessert enthusiasts who view dessert as a necessity and not an option!

Swank Desserts
Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Serving Charleston, SC

As a Charleston bakery, we pride ourselves in offering unique and thoughtful treats such as our signature Chocolate Cherry Pop Macarons, that are fresh, made completely from scratch, and prepared with the highest-quality ingredients.

Our treats are anything BUT ordinary. We strive to create desserts that are overwhelmingly delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and that provide a contrast of flavors as well as textural elements. It is our goal to not only satisfy your sweet tooth but, create an experience for you and your taste buds. Our dedication to building flavors in our desserts is what sets us apart and you can taste the difference!

Dare we say that our desserts happen to be a bit, sexy?

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