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BISCUIT BARS – A New Trend With A Southern Tradition

BISCUIT BARS – A New Trend With A Southern Tradition

Biscuits, that storied Southern staple, are not just for breakfast anymore.  They have become a favorite sandwich-filling wrapper adding not only texture but complementing flavors to standard fare at lunch, brunch and packed picnics; delicate herb-flavored small biscuits are showing up at the most elegant of dinner parties and slightly sweet biscuits with equally sweet toppings make the perfect midnight snack. And no worries if you, your family or guests are gluten free – there are many new tasty mixes on the market so everyone can enjoy their biscuits – anywhere – anytime.

rosemary biscuitCreate your own version of a restaurant biscuit bar for your next brunch.  Pick several standard favorite fillings – Ham, turkey, roast beef and a veggie option and some fun spreads and toppings.  You can pre-assemble the choices or set out separately and let your guests create their own biscuit nirvana.  Use a chalkboard on an easel to list either the individual available ingredients or assembles sandwiches.  It can be the main feature or complement other dining selections.


gravy biscuitButtermilk biscuits make great blank canvases for combining interesting flavors, but use your imagination in offering your guests a colorful array of varying topping and sauces that complement both the savory, and sweet pallet.  Rich additions such as pulled pork and gravy are sure to be an absolute crowd pleasure. For those that favor dessert, sweet cream, berries, honey, and chutneys are the quintessential biscuit partners.


biscuit bar 2The great thing about biscuits is that they can be made in advance and even on humid days hold up well.  They make great central attractions to any outdoor fete by the pool, lake or beach.  Biscuit bars bring a fun and playful addition to catered affairs, informal barbecues, or picnic lunch.