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BLUE & GREEN, consistently smashing

BLUE & GREEN, consistently smashing

Does anything herald the coming of summer more than articles with the cool, crisp, color palate of Navy Blue, Kelly Green & white?  Invoking the promise of spending days near the water – be it the beach or the pool, running barefoot on a newly mown lawn, or lazily watching the puffy white clouds dance overhead, these colors are the fabric of summer living in the low country.

The bold palate of Navy Blue and Kelly Green combine well together on everything from printed material, to interior design, clothing and almost everything you can imagine.  But beware they like to play together alone and look best when mixed with brilliant white or a muted beige and limited accent colors.

navy green 1 Invite your world to share your special event –mixed engagement parties to girlie luncheons – with a Navy Blue and Kelly Green invite. The bold colors work great for either mixed fetes or a single sex get together. Highlight the words with colorful and playful stripes or polka dots without overpowering the message.  Pair it with an envelope that is lined with the contrasting color from the prominent one used on the invitation.

navy green 2Continue the color theme of your invitation to the event with inexpensive decorations in varying patterns using Navy Blue, Kelly Green and white or all of one color but different patterns, shapes and sizes. Mix it up to keep it from becoming monotonous. These would look great left on the porch throughout the summer and for a variety of summer entertaining.

navy green 3Utilize blue and white china and ceramic pieces you have on hand with fresh greens, fruits and vegetables.  Be creative when you visit the Farmer’s Market – granny smith apples, grapes, asparagus spears, broccoli heads, Brussels sprouts, kale heads, florist greens or pretty foliage right from your yard. And as in the example – wreaths aren’t just for Christmas.

navy green 4 Utilize white flowers to keep the arrangements fresh and not overpowering.  White looks especially great with either blue or green china and ceramics.  Look for containers, vases, dishes and bowls of varying heights, widths and patterns.  Make a central focus area around your serving area and utilize smaller arrangements throughout and on your tables.

navy green 5Flowers needn’t be reserved for the girls.  A creative small festive boutonniere adds panache to the host’s summer suit or on the groomsman at an informal wedding.

navy green 6Navy Blue always says nautical.  Play on the theme for invitations, stationery and even to use as wrapping paper. Be creative with accents, such as the white cord resembling sailing ropes to complete the visual.

navy green 7Brilliant white fondant on a tiered cake serves as a great background to highlight with clean Navy Blue stripes and finish with fresh flowers and greenery. Remember less is more when going for a cool clean image

navy green 8There may be no other color combo that looks as good on both men and women.  Material for these summer southern classic bow ties would look equally as good used for a dress, skirt or scarf.

Mix and match the elements of your place setting, using white to bring out the magic of Navy Blue and Kelly Green together without one color dominating.

Navy Blue and Kelly Green can be successfully brought together in large solid blocks but remember to break up with light accessories like the silver purse and the pop of various colors in the necklace. Solid Navy Blue especially serves as a neutral backdrop to almost all vibrant colors.

navy green 13Bringing it all together for a fantastic dinner party with lots of Navy Blue, Kelly Green and white in a variety of materials, textures and items.  The floral components are mixed into a variety containers – high to table height, white china against the solid Navy napkins, subtle pops of pink to keep the eye interested, nothing feels matchy-matchy and yet the entire table is cohesive and festive encouraging lively conversation.

navy green 10For luncheon and dinner occasions where you are utilizing a variety of tables and seating arrangements bring the party together with coordinated conversation height table centerpieces.

navy green 12Who says the bridal bouquet has to be white and/or pastel?  Perfect for a seaside outdoor wedding, the stunning bridesmaid Navy Blue, Kelly Green and white dress is set off perfectly with a topsy mopsy bouquet of white flowers accented with pops of Navy and varying greens.

So, take stock of what you already have available in all facets of your lifestyle, add a few pieces and mix up your blues and greens to create a great lowcountry summer!