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BON VOYAGE – Cast off for your next celebration

BON VOYAGE – Cast off for your next celebration


Photo by Twisted Sister, Etsy

While welcomed evening breezes make way for fabulous fall fashion, the autumn months are also a great opportunity to consider setting sail for your next celebration, big or small. Fall on the water in Charleston is a bit of utopia as the marsh begins to transform into a warm golden tone.

Whatever the celebration, who doesn’t love a classic event on the water. Not only is Charleston known for its history, shopping, lodging, and fabulous food, but also its picturesque scenery and harbor surrounding the peninsula. Gander the idea of hosting a last minute fall birthday party, anniversary, farewell party, shower, or “no reason at all” gathering. For larger celebrations that require more planning, spring also lends itself to a spectacular evening on the Charleston waterways.

Photo from Schooner Pride

If you prefer the romance of sailing verses high-tech yachting, the historic tall ship Schooner Pride  is an impressive and charming vessel. The Schooner Pride can accommodate private party charters as well as the impromptu date, or girls-night-out on one of their weekly moonlight sails or wine-tasting cruises.

Aqua Safaris, has a large variety of boating options. Aqua Safaris vessels range from intimate sail boat experiences, to event or fishing motor yachts, to their popular Palmetto Breeze catamaran. Whatever your boating needs, they can accommodate.

Sister City Cruises specializes in small intimate charters around the Charleston area. This is a great option for those smaller-scale celebrations or having a special afternoon with a smaller crowd. See Sister City Cruises for ideas or customize your personal plan with Captains Dave and Shelley.

Now that you’re “on board” with your water vessel party, here are some fun tips that will make it a memorable gathering.

If appropriate, a lighter, casual event might hold opportunity for cute & catchy invitations. Phrases like “seas the day,” “come sail away,” or “bon voyage” will instantly clue your guests onto your party theme.

No matter the celebration, a touch of classic nautical decor is always appropriate.
Pending the celebration is suited, larger event details such as oyster shell place cards, and message-in-a-bottle well-wishes, are always well received. For the more intimate gatherings, guests will appreciate small touches such as knotted rope decor, nautical cloth napkins, and small florals. Cool evening air often catches some off guard, wraps or blankets on hand, (or as gifts) are a lovely addition. As an extension to well-loved drink staples, a signature nautical style drink such as a Starboard Martini, Salty Dog or Malibu Bay Breeze are fun additions to any adult celebration.

Photo from Carolina Girl Yacht

Whatever you’re celebrating, we hope your memories are as beautiful as your surroundings.