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Charleston Team Building

Charleston Team Building

Looking for an out of the box team-building experience that your team will actually get excited about? Inspirational team building can increase creativity and enhance problem solving skills. By thinking outside of the box, team members learn the value of new ideas, and new ways of thinking and relying on each other. It gives them room for friendly competition that they can bring back to the workplace – in a good-natured way of course! Another big win is increased personal communication in this digital age.

In the very least, getting out of the office and participating in new challenges helps everyone get to know one another better and that is a huge win in our book! So build that energy by breaking out of that traditional team building rut and try one of these uniquely Charleston team building experiences!

Coastal Expeditions Occasions Guide Team Building Party Wedding Charleston SC

Coastal Expeditions

What is more Charleston than being out on one of the beautiful waterways we are so lucky to live by? Your team will love a day on the water getting to know one another better and learning to depend on each other. Set off on a trip to Bulls Island to learn about the local ecology. explore on canoes or ramp up the competition with paddleboard races! Simply explain to the Coastal Expeditions team what you want to get out of the excursion and about the people who will be there and they will create something unique and unforgettable.

Choose from Kayak Tours, Paddleboard Tours, Boat Tours, Canoe Tours, or Hike + Multi-Sport adventures. Not only will you and your employees have a great time, everyone will be rejuvenated and refreshed after a day out on our beautiful waterways and ready to work together in new ways.

Charleston Zip Line Team Building Party Wedding Event Charleston SC

Charleston Zipline

Talk about taking your team to new heights! This out-of-the office high flying adventure will help develop staff relationships and a stronger work environment. The Charleston Zipline team will work with you personally to create a custom program to meet the unique needs and goals of your organization. They offer 7 zip Lines, 3 Sky Bridges, grand finale 750 ft. extreme zip, a 60 ft. climbing wall, full equipment (full body harnesses, helmets, trolley, gloves), guided tours with 2 experienced guides, a private picnic area for grilling out or have it catered, an adventure center with covered porches, a meeting space, and a relaxing back to nature setting nestled in a 10 acre forest just minutes from downtown Charleston.

Ziplining will build individual confidences and strength all while cementing new trust and relationships between team members. The excitement, strategic thinking and reliance on others will bring your team closer and have them working together in ways they never thought possible. A perfect way to bring cohesiveness and belief in one another!

Charleston SC Meditation Still Soul Studio Party Event Wedding Team Building

Still Soul Studio

Meditation is widely recognized as a tool to master the mind and cope with stress. While not thought of as a typically team building experience, guided meditation can help improve relationships at work and develop morale and cooperation within the workplace, which naturally increases team work and efficiency. It is also scientifically proven to assist with problem solving, imagination, strategy, time management, endurance, stress reduction, and better sleep. Who doesn’t want all of that in their lives and work place!?

Still Soul Studios specializes in just that. Taking your team deep within themselves to discover how to better work with each other. Sign us up!

Charleston SC Event Team Building Wedding Party Event Occasions Guide

Escape Rooms

Escape room mysteries get your team working together. There are escape game businesses throughout Charleston but if you’re downtown, check out Time Traveler on Upper King. Cocktails are available to begin your walk down historic Charleston. Each escape room is inspired by the hidden history of Charleston, SC and has its own secrets, storyline, and mission.

​Escape room games are immersive interactive scenarios, each with specific goals. Your team will have 60 minutes to unlock the secrets, solve puzzles and work together. And have a fantastic time doing just that. Working together to solve clues and move to the next room will create new dialog and trust between your employees that they will bring back to the office setting. And have a lot of belly laughs and fun along the way!

So get your team out in this fantastic city and have them working together in ways they never thought possible. Building new relationships and finding new skills to take back to the office for a more satisfying and efficient workplace!